#MenageMonday Week 48 – Some Things Are Better Left Uncovered…

I just barely made this deadline!!! Glad I did though… Warning you, this isn’t much. There was more I could have done, but I pulled this outta my ass in like…5 minutes. I’m not overly proud of it, but I suppose it gets the job done…

It’s the countdown to the end of…

MenageMonday Logo


Three prompts living under one challenge roof?

Welcome to #MenageMonday!

Week 48

Rules Recap

  • This is a Flash Fiction challenge. Your story must be a minimum of 100 words, maximum of 200 words.

  • Incorporate each of the three prompts into your story. The phrase prompt (and anything else in quotations) MUST be used exactly as given.

  • Post your story into the comments of this post.

  • Include your word count (or be excluded from judging).

  • Please include your Twitter handle or email.

  • The contest opens at 7 A.M. and closes at 10 P.M. Eastern Time.

  • Generally speaking, the winners will be revealed Tuesday evening, huzzah!

So what do you get for all your time and effort, you ask? Badges, of course. (What, you thought this was a funded operation?) #MenageMonday awards THREE (squeeee!) badges each week:

  • There is the undisputed CHAMP. Rather self explanatory.

  • There is the JUDGE’S PET, for best use of the Judge’s prompt.

  • Last but not least, the JUDGE gets a badge, because Judges need love, too.

Our Judge for Week 48:

Author of Cargon: Honour & Priviledge and the newly released Thickness Of Blood

Kimberly Gould picture

Kimberly Gould | @Kimmydonn


George is obsessed with finding the man who raped his daughter. Searching the southern states in the 1970s, he tracks down James but also finds Lila, another girl victimized by his daughter’s rapist. George holds himself responsible for not getting there sooner, not preventing Lila from becoming pregnant at fifteen and exiled by her family. Unable to abandon her, George gives Lila a new home, a new family. In the process, they both discover that some ties are thicker than blood. 


Challenge Time!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

The Photo:

Nothing Sign

The Phrase: “pieces of [ ]” (this can appear anywhere in the story)

The Judge’s Prompt: story must include someone or something turning/turned to stone


And here we go!


As they approached the designated coordinates Marcus stared up at the faded billboard. It read, “NOTHING” in weathered, red letters. He grimaced. The sign was almost too fitting. They’d been chasing clues the entire day, and at that particular moment, he felt as though this would be yet another lead that would amount to, as it were, nothing. His partner turned off the car and they silently got out, assaulted with the smell of decay, and sulfur, and death. Marcus’s eyes widened and he followed the smell, gasped as he noted bloodied, decaying meat. Despite his gag reflex and his sensitive nose, he kept to the trail, careful to keep his feet free of the mess. The chunks were getting bigger, and when he found an entire hand he almost froze, willed himself to move forward. The body was in the bushes, half of it had been turned to stone. He wanted to look away, couldn’t make his eyes believe what he was seeing. The bottom of half of the corpse had been devoured by coyotes…bugs…maggots, but the top half was hard, granite… All except the eyes… And they leered at him, smiled at him. And then he hurled.


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