H-Thought #1: Milk – Delicious or Familiar

For some reason I want to start recording my high thoughts…..lol….cause sometimes their entertaining. 


Is milk delicious or is just familiar? I was sitting….almost high as a fucking a kite….not all the way…but I’m close, and I was eating cereal. Why? Because eating is my favorite thing to do while high next to cleaning and yoga (those last two things are not sarcasm). So, eating cereal, and all I kept thinking was, “Damnit…this shit is delicous.” And it was a prominent and intense thought process that I kept thinking it over and over for what felt like a ga-gillion years. Naturally I know that’s not how long it actually took, but bear with me.

And then I started thinking, “Would this be better with my Silk?” Immediately I knew the answer would be no.

But then I wondered, is that because I’ve had dairy milk for so long. Like, we were raised on the shit, people. It’s the cornerstone of America….right next to burger and fries….and shit. So then I thought, well what had it been like had I been raised to drink nothing but soy milk? Or Coconut milk.


The point I’m making here is that perhaps our preference to certain foods are only our favorites because we’ve constantly and incessantly, since conception, been fed or exposed to them.


Lol…random input, I feel bad for any kids I may have because I will constantly want to conduct experiments on them. Example: This milk shit….if I have two kids, one will only be given soy and one will only be given dairy. I’d like to see the results of their growth with my own two eyes. 


Okay….I’m gonna go lie down.


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