#FridayFlashFic Week 14 – Charred Fields of Green.

Welcome to Flash! Friday (new hashtag #FlashFridayFic) Round 14, sweet and/or savory dragons and friends! (Here be the rules if ye need ‘em.) Today’s judgification is provided by exceedingly sparkly SVWmember Beth Peterson.

Let’s get right to today’s contest:

Word limit200 word story (10 words’ grace on either side) based on the photo prompt.

How: Post your story here in the comments. Include your word count and Twitter handle if you’ve got one.

Deadline11:59pm ET tonight

Winners: will post tomorrow (Saturday) morning

Prize: A fiery e-trophy badge, your own fancy winner’s page here at FF, a 60-second interview feature next Wednesday, and WORLDWIDE GRATITUDE AND MARVELLIZATION (or as close as we can get ya to it).NOTE: Non-winning stories remain eligible for inclusion in Monday’s Flash Points. 

* Follow @FlashFridayFic on Twitter for the latest news/announcements/dragon teaching ideas (hint: cave walls, yes; books/crunchy young teachers, no).  And now for your prompt:



Smoke rose into the sky but Dani had hope that a few samples made it. It was a strain of marijuana that she’d been excited about trying for weeks. But, as they drew nearer to the farm her hope slowly diminished. Shakespeare put his arm around her shoulder and drew her near to him. She wasn’t normally for PDS, but his arms made her feel better.

The van stopped. They stepped out. The fields were black from the fire, and the smoke was stifling. The crop was gone.

In the distance Dani spotted Gabriel Ash, owner of the multimillion dollar marijuana company Ash&Burns. He saw her too, waved her and her team over. “Smiles and Smoke Inc. had their eye on this strain since it leaked to High Times! One of their associates called me just now and confessed to helping with burning these fields down.” He shook his head, smiled. “No big deal. We’re searching the ground for seeds. Be sowing again in no time. And, to top things off, we’re filing a lawsuit against those assholes. Got a witness who’s even going to testify given that she’s paid enough.”

Dumbfounded, they were silent and stared.

“Come on, guys!” He gave two thumbs up. “Smile! We’re still on top!”


210 Words



One thought on “#FridayFlashFic Week 14 – Charred Fields of Green.

  1. Cab Driver

    You drive a cab. Until something better comes along. A pretty couple gets in. Wobbly and loud. Pull over please. Now! But it’s too late. The lady yaks over the back seat. The man looks distraught. Then he laughs. I told you to pull over, he says. You just keep driving. He says the address again. The stench of cold air mixed with vomit. Stop here. Sorry. This time the door flies open and she spews on the road. He says don’t worry. An extra twenty for your troubles. You don’t know the address. It’s in the hills he says. It’s off the beaten path. Morning breaks through the mist. Turn right here. The man looks anxious. There’s a dead alder tree and a shack. A field with no crops. You drive until the road ends and the lady sits up finally. Where are we, she says? The man says nothing. He is no longer humored. You look at him in the rear view mirror, but you quickly turn away. You don’t want to know too much. You just drive a cab. Until something better comes along.

    189 words

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