Books Be Tiny, Yo.

I don’t blog enough. I really don’t. My schedule just doesn’t permit the time for it. And that is so sucky because blogging just feels good. I don’t know why I ever thought I could start a podcast if I can’t even manage a blog.

… but really I want to do a podcast.

I’m getting off topic.

Now, while I should be doing homework, I am instead making this sweet ass post because I stumbled across something that I thought was adorable, and I had to share it because it gave me some ideas (that will one day hopefully come to fruition). My findings, per usual, come from Tumblr. Cause I’m addicted to Tumblr. But I stumbled across the picture below and thought it was just a cute usb…I was wrong. Delightfully wrong.

tiny books


Innovations has this super cool idea of a usb that contains more than 3000 classic novels. How friggin’ awesome is that?! The book nerd in me is quite pleased with this. The usb is supposed to cost around $29.95-$39.95 which I think is a pretty fair price for 3000 books. What they don’t say is how the usb will be compatible with different devices. I’m really hoping I’m not the only one who has tried to read the same book on 3 different devices and found that the version you had was only compatible with only Kindle or some bull like that. It’s maddening. Let’s hope they’ve taken that into account when coming with this whole idea.

The idea I had was to sell things like this in local comic book stores (shout out to CRIMINAL RECORDS) and little shops like that, but instead of a usb full of classic novels, I’d much rather have a usb full of pieces from local artists. And that could range any where from short stories to comics to full novels.


I would pay money for that. 🙂


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