Music Monday on a Tuesday: Hozier

You know better, babe. You know better, babe…

I have no idea what genre of music this is. Soulful indie? Indie Folk? I don’t even care. I just know that I’m in love with this man’s voice. My friend Jalisa introduced me to him. She got his lyrics from “Take Me To Church” tattooed on her thigh. And when read, the lyrics seem a bit strange (or that could have just been me), but the moment I heard the song I knew that I had to hear more of this man’s music…and hopefully see him live.

Speaking of which, he’s going to be in Atlanta at the Variety Playhouse on October 1st. I’m working very hard to go, and I’m going to work even harder to meet him after the show. Ya know, just wanna say hi and gush about how amazing he is and how his voice is like sex…but for my ears.

Okay… I may not say that last part. But I at least want to shake his hand and get an autograph and a picture…and maybe a hug. Ya know…just normal fan stuff.



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