Bucket List

Sooo, for some reason I’ve been giving a lot of thought to where I am in life and where I want to be and I was inspired by this girl to create a bucket list. So I did…and I’m constantly adding to it. And sadly enough, there is only one thing on the list that I cross off. Here’s hoping that I’ll at least be able to cross off 4-5 more before this year ends. Fingers crossed. 

  1. Visit Alaska
  2. Start a band and play international shows.
  3. Be a best seller at least 5 times.
  4. Meet Jenna Marbles.
  5. Visit Scotland.
  6. Visit Japan.
  7. See Mumford and Sons live.
  8. Spend a month in Ireland
  9. See Kings of Leon live.
  10. Visit Hawaii
  11. Visit California
  12. Visit New York
  13. Learn to shoot a gun
  14. Archery
  15. Go camping.
  16. Visit Boston
  17. Meet Colin Farrell
  18. Produce a manga.
  19. Learn contemporary dance.
  20. See Foster the People live.
  21. Meet Tom Hardy
  22. Have one of my books turned into a tv show/movie/comic/manga.
  23. Meet Hayley Williams
  24. Make enough money so my mother doesn’t have to work anymore.
  25. Simultaneously do a book tour and a music tour. 
  26. Meet Laurell K. Hamilton.
  27. Buy a car.
  28. Wear a size 4.
  29. Get my septum pierced.
  30. Die my hair blue.
  31. Dye my hair blonde.
  32. Get married.
  33. Live in my own apartment.
  34. Own my own house.
  35. Get tattooed by Kat Von D and Ami James.
  36. Go to Comic-con.
  37. Meet Norah Roberts
  38. Visit Amsterdam
  39. See Kimbra live.
  40. Go to Dragon-con.
  41. Go to Disneyland.
  42. Go to Universal Studios.
  43. Learn to hunt.
  44. Visit Humbolt County.
  45. See No Doubt live.
  46. See Imelda May live.
  47. Meet Glen Duncan
  48. Visit New Orleans
  49. Become proficient at yoga
  50. Complete Turbo Fire.
  51. Complete P90X
  52. Have a full Fall and Summer wardrobe.
  53. Get a tattoo with each book publication. 

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