Funko Pop: Supernatural

Well…here are. Second Super Saturday post. Now, while this does not pertain to anything superhero or comic-y, I still filed in this category because, well when I think Funko Pop, I think of tiny, adorable, superheroes. 

So, you guys, I belong to a lot of fandoms. A LOT. I should really have a page for all the fandoms that I am apart of…but to be honest I have no idea what I would post about. Who know, maybe further down the road I’ll make one if I feel such inspirations as to write more than one, elementary grade thought out sentence about how hard I ship Charloe (if you don’t know what that is, you need to click on that link NOW), or about how much I want Jane and Sherlock to sleep together (and I don’t mean sexually. Well I do, but the prospect of them waking in the same bed in their sleeping clothes is just a scenario that is too good to pass up. If there are any fanfiction authors out there, the gauntlet has been thrown down. I DARE YOU.), then maybe one day I’ll create a page and fill it with more nonsense that no one will read.

Moving on. I am in love with Supernatural. It’s one of my favorite tv shows. I’ve been watching since season 1, and though I wanted to quit when they got all Bible-y/Religion-y, I didn’t. I stuck through it, and I’m honestly glad I did. I got Castiel from that period. I also got Sassy Lucifer, Death-who has a swagger that you wouldn’t believe, and more importantly, I got sexy, badass Sam who drank demon blood and worked out shirtless in that one episode. Yeah. Worth it. I mean, there are so many characters in this tv show to fall in love with. Really. Even though the Winchester brothers are featured the most (ya know, cause they’re the main characters), you can still watch the show, and not even be watching for them. Mind you, I don’t know how that could happen because the dynamic between Sam and Dean is…heart-wrenching and also heart-warming…?

What was I saying?

Oh yeah, Funko Pop is finally, FINALLY, making little figurine-ies of Sam, Dean, and Castiel.

I’ll give you a moment to digest the previous sentence.



Done? Cool.

What what?! Look at those lil’ cuties!!! Yeah..yeah, I’m getting one! I can’t wait. They’re available for purchase on November 21st, which is just in time for Christmas! They’ll be fantastic stocking stuffers (I will put one in my own stocking)!

So uh, yeah. That’s it.

Man, I need to get better at closing these things out….


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I finally narrowed it down to Chance the Rapper, and I chose him because I like that, instead of rapping about selling drugs, he raps more about doing drugs and getting drunk. And, I think that’s a bit easier to relate to than selling drugs, but that’s based off of my personal experience. I know far more people who have done drugs, or are doing drugs, than I know people who sell. But I mean, what do I really know?

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