Music Monday: Chance the Rapper

Alrighty. Here we go. It’s the first Music Monday post of the new year. Speaking of the new year, I have a New Years post coming your way. You just wait…

Like always, Mondays means music. I had a hard time picking an artist for this week because there is a lot of new music out that’s really good. There’s also a lot of good music out there that has been out for a while, and I’m just finding and listening to, and marveling over.

I finally narrowed it down to Chance the Rapper, and I chose him because I like that, instead of rapping about selling drugs, he raps more about doing drugs and getting drunk. And, I think that’s a bit easier to relate to than selling drugs, but that’s based off of my personal experience. I know far more people who have done drugs, or are doing drugs, than I know people who sell. But I mean, what do I really know?

The links below are two of my favorite songs by him…because I couldn’t just pick one.